Deciding to start counselling and finding the right practitioner for you can be a difficult and daunting process.

You may not know exactly what is troubling you but just feel discontent with life. Some people worry that seeing a counsellor means they have ‘poor mental health.’

We all need help at times. Talking through your issues with a trained professional simply means you are more likely to receive the kind of personal support you may need right now. 


My aim is to provide a confidential, safe and supportive space for you in which we can both explore together what is upsetting you. Understanding what has led to this point can then also inform us of what might help you to get better to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

I have helped clients with the following issues:

·         Anxiety (including excessive worrying, panic attacks)

·         Depression

·         Abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

·         Bereavement

·         Problems with Self-Identity & Self-Esteem

·         Trauma

·         Stress

·         Addictions

·         Relationship Difficulties

·         Sexuality & Intimacy Problems